101 Dating Tips

1. Don’t be afraid to approach someone you like!

2. Strike up a conversation with an odd question.

3. Make them laugh as soon as you can.

4. Introduce yourself with a clear voice and a handshake.

5. Tell them why you noticed them.

6. Watch the body language. Are they leaning toward you or away from you?

7. Dress appropriately – look your best.

8. Breathe easily. Don’t get too worked up!

9. Talk in general about your life. Ask intelligent questions.

10. Don’t play coy – but don’t give everything away, either.

11. Offer your phone number when the time is right.

12. Slip your card into his pocket or her purse.

13. Flirt like crazy!

14. Stroke her hair and touch her face.

15. Whisper into the ear of your love interest.

16. When you’re not whispering, look right into their eyes when you speak to them.

17. Does she want to make out? Do it…but give her your phone number, too.

18. Give them a follow-up call later to tell them you remember the evening.

19. Ask for a date in a casual way: “If you’re not busy on Saturday night…”

20. Take rejection politely.

21. Take an acceptance with a cool, calm demeanor.

22. Have a plan already in place for that night.

23. Show up in time.

24. Look your date in the eye when you speak.

25. Shake hands – or offer a warm hug.

26. If she inclines her head in invitation, a kiss on the cheek is great.

27. Hold the car door open.

28. Open every door for her.

29. Does she want to hold hands? Try it. If she doesn’t reach for you again, that’s a sign to lay off.

30. If she seeks out your hand, always offer it to her from that point on.

31. Take her somewhere suitable – a bar is not a good first date idea!

32. Try out the planetarium.

33. Eat at a very nice restaurant.

34. Read up on wine and order something impressive.

35. Know your current events and be able to explain them.

36. Tell your date great stories about traveling overseas.

37. Pick up another language and impress your date with it.

38. See beyond physical beauty and appreciate inner beauty.

39. Take her to a comedy club.

40. Take a picnic and walk on the beach.

41. Go see a national or historic landmark.

42. Take her sailing.

43. Want a bit more adventure? Rent Jet-Skis.

44. Go to the amusement park and ride everything.

45. Take her out shopping.

46. Choose a movie in a genre that neither of you often watch.

47. Classic movie nights at home are great!

48. Impress her by popping your own popcorn.

49. Drive-in movie theaters are nostalgic and interesting.

50. Take her up in a helicopter to see the city lights.

51. An old-fashioned skating rink is always fun.

52. A trip to the day-spa will endear you forever.

53. Settle on a book for both of you to read, and discuss it the next time you meet.

54. A long drive to your destination gives you time to talk.

55. Don’t mention your exes!

56. Never talk about your future plans on the first date.

57. Don’t discuss kids on the first date, either.

58. Leave your emotional baggage at home.

59. Don’t mess with your hair or clothes. You look fine!

60. Keep the perfume or cologne to a minimum.

61. Dress in something casual unless you’re going out to a five-star restaurant.

62. Comment on an interesting piece of jewelry, such as her pendant.

63. Don’t talk about politics.

64. Avoid discussion of religion.

65. If you’re a sports nut, don’t get started on teams!

66. Answer all questions honestly.

67. Find out what she’s passionate about and why.

68. Pay attention to every answer when you ask something.

69. Walk through a crowd with your hand on the small of her back.

70. If you have to tell someone to move, use the words, “Let the lady through.”

71. Speaking of ladies – treat her like a lady at ALL times!

72. Take her cues. If she says she’s tired, ask her what she wants to do.

73. Give her a goodnight kiss on the cheek.

74. If she seems to want more, go for the lips.

75. Tell her what a good time you had.

76. Keep a little souvenir of your evening so she will see it the next time you see her!

77. Follow up with the “I had a good time and thank you” call.

78. If you see her again, make this date a little different.

79. Everyone – men and women – appreciate creativity. Creative dates are a blast!

80. Take her to the ice cream shop and then go see an outdoor movie.

81. Take her back to your place and show off your cooking skills.

82. Don’t have any cooking skills? Take a cooking class together.

83. Even grocery shopping can be sexy if you laugh and talk the whole time.

84. Always turn your phone off when you’re with your date.

85. If she mentions her kids (or yours), don’t downplay your pride in them.

86. Don’t bring up sex unless she does it first!

87. When do you sleep together? Let her decide that.

88. Never, ever presume anything.

89. If she wants to see you again and you’re game for that, say yes immediately. Don’t leave your date hanging!

90. If it’s not going to work out, tell her gently and cut your ties.

91. If either one of you are in need of a more comfortable setting, double dating might be the answer.

92. Make sure your place is nice and neat when you invite her to come back to it.

93. Always let her take the lead when it comes to making love – when, where, and how.

94. But YOU take the lead on the kiss – drive her wild with your teasing!

95. Don’t call her your “girlfriend” (and don’t call him your “boyfriend”) until they say the word first.

96. Keep you mouth shut about your dates. Discretion matters.

97. Send her flowers for no reason at all.

98. If you don’t know how to say all you’re feeling, do it in a love letter.

99. When it’s time to be exclusive, you’ll know. Until then, if you date other people, keep it as discrete as possible…just in case.

100. Don’t introduce her to your family until you’re ready for the “is she the one?” question.

101. Communicate! Talk to your love interest every step of the way.

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