101 Reasons To Talk Dirty

1. To open communication

2. Greater intimacy

3. More fun in the bedroom

4. To fulfill a fantasy

5. To talk your lover into something

6. Become someone else for a night

7. Expressing yourself

8. Asking for things you are shy about

9. Becoming closer to your partner

10. Giving your partner what they want

11. Wowing your lover with your dirty talk prowess

12. To become the doctor and the naughty patient

13. Sparking jealousy in your lover

14. Having hotter sex

15. Practicing for the next lover you have

16. Opening the door to roleplaying

17. To get new ideas for sex

18. Make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex

19. Make all your friends jealous

20. To turn your lover on

21. To teach your partner how to please you

22. Get more lovers into bed with your dirty talk pickup lines

23. To learn how to please your partner

24. To prevent your lover from straying

25. To get hot enough to fuck anywhere

26. Tease with the promise of “more where that came from”

27. To stretch your creative muscles

28. To explore new sides of your sexuality

29. To prove that you can be all your lover needs

30. Give your partner something to brag about

31. To play out that pirate / maiden scenario

32. Become the nurse with the naughty patient

33. Give your lover something to think about when you’re not around

34. Test the waters for a threesome

35. Put ideas into your lover’s head about things you want to do

36. Discover new sides to your partner

37. Enjoy the “forced” sex fantasy

38. Tell your lover how you feel about them

39. Offer something new in the bedroom

40. Unlock the key to their libido

41. Get adventurous at work without having to disappear into the supply closet

42. Learn to text naughty things to your lover while you are both busy

43. Get new ideas for what you can do with you other lover

44. Be more confident in bed

45. Boost your self-esteem in every other aspect of your life

46. Make your partner think of you every minute of every day

47. Be so much hotter than all their exes

48. Explore your homosexual fantasies

49. Talk your lover into letting you do something a bit kinkier

50. To have much more sex

51. Encourage your lover to act out more fantasies with you

52. To avoid divorce or a breakup

53. Learn more about yourself and your sexuality

54. Enhance your ability to please

55. Learn about things you hadn’t considered before

56. Get an even better workout with your lover

57. Find something to laugh and tease about that you didn’t share before

58. Have “inside jokes” that make you feel closer

59. Have a tiny secret about each other that no one knows

60. Strengthen your bond with your lover

61. Learn how to light the fire with just a few words

62. Make your lover want you and only you

63. Get comfortable with cursing and other “crude” words

64. Learn to implant dirty ideas in your lover’s mind

65. Be dirty all the time

66. Overcome your dirty talk shyness

67. Become the envy of all your lover’s friends

68. Learn to take charge

69. Spark your imagination

70. Actually get what you want in bed

71. Learn simple moves that put him in the palm of your hand

72. Give him plenty of ideas to use on you

73. Put a bounce in your step

74. Become more confident outside the bedroom

75. Show how open-minded you are

76. Enjoy the feeling of not being judged by a lover

77. Pretend you are the slut of the city

78. Improve your mental health

79. Show your lover how much you care about them

80. Step out of your comfort zone

81. Turn up the sexy quotient

82. Make your man extra-curious about you

83. Take charge of your own orgasms

84. Make members of the opposite sex fight over your charms

85. Fall in love all over again

86. Try out that mechanic / damsel in distress scenario

87. Make masturbation hotter

88. Tap into the deepest fantasies of your lover

89. Learn what you don’t like

90. Surprise yourself!

91. Surround yourself with an air of mystery

92. Make your partner long to be with you every moment of every day

93. Offer that “something more” that keeps them faithful

94. Move into a new phase of your relationship

95. Pave the way for even more extreme fantasies

96. Ask your lover for more than just a physical interaction

97. Learn the joys of true, honest expression

98. Make phone sex hotter than the sun

99. Find new ways to incorporate text into your hot arsenal

100. Make your lover smile

101. Get what you want – over and over and over

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