101 Romantic Gestures

1. Bring your lover breakfast in bed.

2. Better yet, bring a late dinner to bed, and make yourself the dessert!

3. Give them a CD filled with songs that make you think of them.

4. Write “I love you” on the bathroom mirror.

5. Leave post-it notes of love where you know your lover will find them…in the breadbox, in the glove compartment, or in the pocket of a suit.

6. Spray their perfume or cologne in your car to let their scent linger around you.

7. Step in and do a household chore you know your lover hates.

8. Turn off the phone, the computer, and the television. Give your undivided attention.

9. Take pictures of the two of you together and turn it into a desk calendar or screensaver.

10. Offer a full-body massage with no expectations in return.

11. Send a card through the mail for no reason at all.

12. Step out to the backyard and dance under the stars.

13. Have a glass of wine waiting after a long, hard day.

14. Call in sick to work and spend the day in bed with your lover.

15. Climb into the shower with your partner and wash their hair for them.

16. Draw a bubble bath, light the candles, and make it a relaxing night.

17. Take a road trip to somewhere you both love.

18. Set your phone to ring with a love song when your lover calls.

19. Pick up your lover’s favorite snack at the store – before they mention they are out of it!

20. Cook a meal together.

21. Make the bed with new satin sheets.

22. When it storms outside, go play in the rain together.

23. Bring your lover medicine and warm soup when they feel under the weather.

24. Do something you normally forget, like pick up the dry cleaning.

25. Make a list of the reasons you love your partner.

26. Write an erotic story and make them the star.

27. Give yourself up for one night of sexual “slavery” and do whatever your lover wants.

28. Give them a long, deep kiss that takes their breath away.

29. Surprise them with a long lunch hour in a romantic restaurant.

30. Plan a weekend getaway and surprise them on the way to the airport.

31. Talk about your favorite memories together.

32. When the holidays roll around, start a tradition that you vow to keep, year after year.

33. “Kidnap” your partner for an evening of seduction in a hotel room.

34. Leave Hershey’s kisses on your lover’s pillow if you have to be away for a night.

35. Call them just to say how much you want to be with them…in bed…right now.

36. Rent a tandem bike and go exploring together.

37. Has your lover done something amazing? Tell them how proud you are.

38. Bring home a cake decorated with a romantic message.

39. Send an email with your naughty thoughts.

40. Kiss your lover’s body…every single inch.

41. Go to the theater and let them choose the movie.

42. Get up early in the morning and wake your lover up with mind-blowing sex.

43. Watch the sunset together.

44. Walk through a public place holding hands.

45. Invite your lover to a workplace party and introduce them with glowing praise.

46. Sing to your partner!

47. Have a quickie in the middle of the day.

48. Leave a silly love message on your lover’s voicemail.

49. Write a love poem for them and leave it tacked on the refrigerator.

50. Know when it’s time to order out instead of doing all the work of cooking.

51. Have a breakfast date instead of a dinner date.

52. Fix something that needs to be fixed – for instance, repair that squeaky hinge.

53. Take photos of your beloved – fill up the memory card with them!

54. Send flowers to their workplace.

55. Buy the hottest new book by their favorite author and give it to them.

56. Write your love in the sky with the help of a skywriting pilot.

57. Keep a picture of your lover on your desk.

58. Seen a great love scene in a movie lately? Act it out with your partner.

59. Learn to do something your lover enjoys, such as rollerblading or water skiing.

60. Buy a pair of “sensual dice” and let the games begin!

61. Pay your lover an enormous compliment. Make sure to do it in front of all their friends!

62. Introduce your lover to your parents.

63. When watching television, make the commercials breaks a sensual “play time.”

64. Brush your lover’s hair before bed.

65. Let them sleep in while you take care of the morning chores.

66. Let them read the paper first.

67. Sprinkle rose petals from the driveway to the bedroom.

68. Wait for your lover in the driveway, and kiss them before they can get out of the car.

69. When it’s raining outside, carry an umbrella for them.

70. When it’s snowing and icy, put down salt on the sidewalk to keep them safe.

71. Go back to the store and buy that perfect item your lover wanted but walked away from last week.

72. Clean out the car until it smells and looks brand-new again.

73. Buy a telescope and set it up so you can both spend time dreaming about the stars.

74. Take your lover out on a secluded picnic.

75. Create a homemade gift for your partner.

76. Download that hot new album onto their iPod.

77. Have their name or initials tattooed somewhere on your body.

78. Ask them to go with you to something a bit frightening, like the dentist’s office.

79. Enroll both of you in a class in order to share something new.

80. Visit a “make your own pottery” store and make a coffee mug for your lover.

81. Take their car in for a tune-up and oil change while they are at work.

82. Pick up a pie for dessert on your way home.

83. Help out with a major work project.

84. Tell your friends – within your lover’s earshot – about how happy you are.

85. Take your partner on a romantic cruise.

86. Give them some “alone time” with a good book and a bottle of wine.

87. Make their lunch for them, and include a love note in with the goodies.

88. Call them to tell them you aren’t wearing anything under your clothes.

89. Put a single, fresh wildflower in a vase on the kitchen table, every single day.

90. Go skinny dipping in the pool in the middle of the night.

91. Play footsie under the table at that very important dinner.

92. Leave the play early to have a quickie in the bathroom.

93. Walk into the kitchen and ask, “How can I help?”

94. Make a list of specific things your lover has done that you appreciate.

95. Hand your lover a marker and tell them to write their name on your body.

96. Buy a necklace or bracelet adorned with their initial and wear it yourself.

97. Send your lover a memento of a special time you had together.

98. Give them tickets to that big sporting event – especially if you don’t like sports!

99. Make a point of making love every night for a month.

100. Invite your lover to share something special with you, like that family reunion.

101. Start making plans for the future with your lover.

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