101 Ways To Touch Your Lover

touching your lover1. With a feather

2. With a gentle spray of cologne or perfume

3.With your fingertips

4.While in the backseat of your car

5. With your words

6. While fully dressed

7. Without saying a word

8. While passing each other in the hallway

9. During the play or musical

10. With massage oil

11. With your nipples sliding everywhere

12. In their most sensitive places

13. When it is least expected

14. With a lacy negligee

15. With a love letter

16. By dripping candle wax on their naked body

17. With the bar of soap in the shower

18. With your bare toes on the beach

19. With your tongue

20. With your lips on every inch of their body

21. With your breath across the back of their neck

22. With your foot while sitting at the restaurant table

23. In front of friends or family

24. With a gentle circular motion

25. By stroking their private parts

26. With a gentle touch

27. By touching their face with the back of your fingertips

28. With a butterfly kiss on their bare thigh

29. With a speech at your wedding

30.With a vibrating sex toy

31. With a rough brush while you wash their back for them

32. While sliding against each other in bed

33. With the pulsing showerhead

34. While spreading lube where it counts

35. With body paints

36. With the roughness of rope around their wrists

37. With a pen that writes your name on their skin

38. By sliding one fingertip all over their body

39. With chocolate sauce

40. With your body pressed tightly against theirs

41. While shaving their body during an intimate evening

42. While whispering into their ear what you want to do to them

43. By squeezing their thigh while they are driving

44. By kissing their ear at the party

45. While dancing on the ballroom floor

46. While holding a handful of snow

47. With your whispering breath while you go down on them

48. By holding them down while you fuck them

49. With the words “I love you”

50.While following their every command

51. With a rough, dominant touch

52. While using spit as lube

53. While sliding into their open and waiting hole

54. By sliding your fingers inside their body

55. With a blindfold over their eyes

56. With a cascade of bubbles while in the tub together

57. With a leather whip

58. With the warmth of an electric blanket

59. During a pounding thunderstorm as water flows down your bodies

60. By sliding your finger into their ass

61. With a paddle

62. During their earth-shattering orgasm

63. With a soft sponge while you wash their body

64. With ice cubes

65. With your open palm against their bare ass

66. Between their legs

67. While they are screaming your name

68. With satin sheets on the bed

69. While rolling around on the bear skin rug

70. While whispering dirty talk into their ear

71. With a song you wrote just for them

72. While they are touching you

73. In only one very sensitive place and nowhere else

74. While they watch what you are doing in the mirror above the bed

75. By putting lotion on their body from head to toe

76. With the perfect gift on their birthday

77. While fingerfucking in a very public place

78. While hiding your touch under their clothes in public

79. By caressing their back

80. With the wine you just poured into their belly button

81. By kissing that sweet spot in the bend of their elbow

82. With the lightest caress you can possibly manage

83. With a cold glass dildo sliding against their skin

84. Anywhere they want

85. By sucking on their hard nipples

86.While on your knees in front of them

87. With your dirty talk about what you are going to do to them…right now

88. By directing your best friend on how to touch them just right

89. With an electric toothbrush

90. With your mint-flavored kiss

91. With an impassioned speech about which body part you like the best

92.While waiting in the long line at the sports arena

93. With your urine while playing with “golden showers”

94. By sliding your fingertips along their body as you undress them

95. With your teeth while leaving love bites on their neck

96. With a fresh piece of pineapple right before you suck it from their body

97. While pushing anal beads up their back door

98. By holding them by their hair as they go down on you

99. With the story of how you met

100. By rubbing your cold noses together

101. By nibbling on the body part that makes them shiver the hardest

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